Susan Windsor

Susan Windsor

Executive Manager

Roseau, MN

Joined 6/2010

With God all things are possible.

Executive Manager has been my goal and has almost happened a few times. I believed that when God had prepared me for this amazing position that it would happen in His perfect timing and it did! I feel more prepared to lead our North Star Dreamers team with Him at the helm.

Prior to L’BRI I had lost my passion to dream because I listened to people that told me why I couldn’t do the things I dreamed of doing. I’m so excited that with L’BRI I am now learning to dream again, and allowing God to direct my path rather than others.

My dreaming began when I earned my first free trip to Costa Rica. Thank you, Kathy Roen, for teaching me to declare it!

Maui was next, and this year Jamaica. I am so thankful for L’BRI and what it has afforded me, with the biggest being TIME! There is more time to spend mornings with God, to take care of my husband and home, and for long walks with my dog. I have also been able to contribute to helping pay off the house and to give financially to things that are important to me. I now have many dreams that I look forward to fulfilling through my L’BRI gig.

I am so excited to help my team learn how to Dream BIG, and grow through this amazing opportunity too. I will forever be grateful to Linda and Brian for following their dream so I could learn how to follow mine.