Susan Melcher

Susan Melcher

Executive Manager

Minneapolis, MN

Joined 8/2020

EMPOWER! I chose this name for our  team and it describes exactly how I feel!  I am so grateful for this amazing company and everything they have put in place to help people make choices to grow and earn in the direction of THEIR dreams! I love to help others work at whatever level they want to work and continue to share with all the amazing opportunities a career with L’BRI offers!

I started L’BRI in August 2020 because I fell  in love with the company. I now can say, I LOVE our aloe-based skin, body and hair care products and have seen amazing results for myself, Consultants and customers! I never knew there was a skin care product that would help reverse the signs of aging and I found it in L’BRI! I am now a L’BRI Lover for life!

I’m so grateful to Leigh Kirk for inviting me to join her on this journey, and Brian and Linda Kaminski for creating a product and a company so invested in the customer experience and every consultant in the L’BRI family! Our Home Office staff is always dedicated to everyone’s success.

I’ve experienced a lifetime of the benefits of direct sales. When I discovered L’BRI, it reignited the passion I felt years ago as I was building a successful business while raising my own three kids! The opportunities are limitless. I am looking forward to helping our amazing team reach heights they never before dreamed of reaching! People helping people is the beauty of a business like this! My favorite quote by Zig Ziglar is “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”   #EMPOWER!