Susan Carter

Susan Carter

Executive Manager

Fort Morgan, CO

Joined 4/2020

When I joined L’BRI in May of 2018, I was seeking joy in my life, to find my purpose outside of being a mom to four young children, and to love who I was again. If you would have asked me then if I ever planned to build a team, let alone become an Executive Manager, I would have laughed and said never! 

After attending Convention and Leadership Insight my first year, I knew I wanted more!  I wanted to help other women find their joy and purpose, all while sharing this amazing product! Over the next year I set goals, prayed daily, worked with some incredible leaders, shared my love of all things L’BRI, and along the way have been blessed with an amazing team of women who have joined me on this journey! I am so excited to have an incredible team who have the same drive and desire to share these amazing products as well as empower other women to do the same! L’BRI has blessed me beyond measure and I am so excited to see where this L’BRI journey leads us all next!