Stephanie McMackin

Stephanie McMackin

Executive Manager

Albany, OR

Joined 8/2020

I experienced many transformations in the nine months since I joined L’BRI! I grew up with very limited means and had only ever dreamed of traveling and experiencing extraordinary things. I was only adding things to my bucket list.

With L’BRI, I have gained much more financial freedom and already checked two things off my bucket list. The first was traveling somewhere tropical. Punta Cana was a place I’d never heard of, but will never forget because I was the one ultimately responsible for earning that beautiful and sunny reward!

The second was skydiving! I know you all think I’m crazy, but promoting to Executive Manager seemed like an extreme goal. Reaching that goal warranted an extreme celebration. Jumping out of “a perfectly good airplane” symbolized the extraordinary experiences in life I never thought I would have, but now are all possible. It was glorious!

I also grew up with terrible skin. Acne and keratosis pilaris made my school years extremely difficult and both have followed me into my adult life. I know all too well the need to hide from the world and how limited you can feel because of challenged skin. L’BRI showed me that healthy skin wasn’t something I was simply doomed to live without and gave me the chance to help others share in that newfound sense of beauty and freedom! It’s all about feeling good! When you FEEL good, you feel unstoppable!

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to L’BRI and look forward to what the future holds, more than ever before!