Shirley Bruner

Shirley Bruner

Senior Executive Manager

Cascade, WI

Joined 10/2011

My journey with L’BRI has been so AMAZING, and reaching my vision as Senior Executive Manager Level with my team is beyond words to me. I have the most amazing ladies on my team to enjoy this journey with. I am very proud of each of them and the unique personalities they all bring to our team!

As we dream together, set our goals/visions, consistently sharing L’BRI products and Opportunity with others, work from our hearts, be the best students and have a never-give-up attitude. My team will see all their dreams come true. I enjoy inspiring everyone on my team to grow and reach our goals/visions to promote to the next level.

The words Dreams, Goals, Visions and Positive Affirmations have changed my life completely.  A BIG thank you to my team, you are all so Awesome! Thank you, GOD for putting L’BRI and all these amazing ladies in my life!  I look forward to each day of teaching, learning, sharing and living a lifestyle of our dreams, as we truly are a TEAM!





I am so thankful for the incredible career opportunity you have given us Linda and Brian. This opportunity has completely changed my life. ~ IT IS A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO LIVE ~

I am also grateful for all the great mentors we have to learn from. I can’t say enough about all the amazing ladies in the L’BRI family and the support and inspiration they have given me. LOVE My L’BRI Family!

Matthew 19:26 With God all things are possible