Sara Erbe

Sara Erbe

Executive Manager

Ely, IA

Joined 4/2015

Like so many of our team members, my relationship with L’BRI started for a discount on exceptional products and I comfortably enjoyed my level of investment since 2015.  In 2020, working as a Psychiatric Nurse Supervisor a colleague confided in me a personal skin concern. When I shared a small sample of one of our products, she was ecstatic with the results and immediately wanted to purchase her own. It dawned on me, “Why am I not sharing L’BRI with everyone?” 

Within days I officially launched my business and started sharing the product and opportunity with everyone I had a personal, social – (distanced) – media connection with, taking advantage of every possible technology driven opportunity L’BRI and the internet afforded consultants.  With hard work and the support of my husband and children, within six months I promoted to Executive Manager. I was able to resign from nursing to stay home with our three children and prepare for the arrival of our fourth. 

Thanks to products that sell themselves and the structure of the company allowing freedom to learn, grow and set a pace that meets our lifestyle, the successes earned through opportunities with L’BRI are helping our family achieve financial goals once only considered a dream.  Combined with helping others achieve their goals while looking and more importantly feeling their very best has made L’BRI one of life’s best decisions