Sally Walmer

Sally Walmer

Executive Manager

Dodgeville, WI

Joined 8/2015

Joining L’BRI changed my life.  Sounds like a grand statement, doesn’t it?  Who knew signing up to get out of the house once in a while and make a little extra money could be so profound. 

The rewards of being a Consultant may start with a discount and extra income, but if you are not offering others to join you, you are missing out on the greatest rewards the company offers. And I am not only talking about financial rewards.

When you offer the opportunity to others, you are offering them a solution to any problem they have. What you are offering them is more than income. You are offering them friendships, a sense of belonging, increased confidence, and for some, the ability to start wanting more for themselves and the ability to begin to dream. 

Helping others to learn, grow and develop themselves has become my passion and my purpose.  I love cheering them on as they step outside their comfort zone and look forward to celebrating their accomplishments with them. I have heard from some, this is the only recognition they ever receive. Being there for my team is the greatest reward for me.

Having two Consultants on my team earn their free Nissan is an incredible feeling! If you don’t ask others to join you, you are taking that opportunity from them. My advice, ask everyone! You never know who’s life you will change, it may just be your own!