Molly Sankey

Molly Sankey

Executive Manager

Plover, WI

Joined 2/2020

I attended Leadership Conference last January at this same time and reconnected with so many women that I had missed deeply with L’BRI.  I was so overwhelmed with just how everyone was so very welcoming, and it felt amazing to be back!  With tears in my eyes I made a goal for myself in 2019; to make my business a priority and reconnect with the positivity that L’BRI brings to your life.  My focus word for 2019 was flourish: “Growth and developing rapidly because of a healthy environment! To thrive, prosper, and bear fruit.” It feels good to be back and it is great to know that with hard work and dedication your L’BRI Business and these amazing team members are there for you!

Now, a year down the road, WE did it! We promoted first to Manager and now to Executive Manager! I couldn’t have done any of it without our amazing leader, my best friend, and sister Samantha Anderson! None of this would be possible without an amazing team! Thank you to each and every one of you! We wouldn’t have accomplished this goal without each other and our consistent love for sharing these amazing products. Ladies this isn’t just lotion, this is powerful life changing stuff! Because of all of our hard work, my family is dreaming big and seeing a future we never thought possible! The guilt I felt from setting my business aside I have left in that Leadership Insight Conference room! Thank you so much for your support, commitment, encouragement, and positivity! We did it ladies! We have nowhere to go but up from here!