Mishal Long

Mishal Long

Executive Manager

Huntsburg, OH

Joined 4/2018

I am so so very grateful that the Lord brought lovely, life-changing products when my family desperately needed them and this life-giving business opportunity into my life when He knew I needed it most!

Though it has not been an easy road earning and achieving this promotion, nothing worth having is usually just handed to us. 

Recently, a client, new to L’BRI products, shared with me how very rough her past has been and how unkind life has felt so often. She told me, “As I was doing the facial, it just felt SO KIND!”

I am so thankful for this amazing, SMART company that Brian and Linda have strategically built from the ground up!  And, for my husband, Nathan, who has been so supportive of me! He has been excited with me and proud of me at every happy turn, and encouraging and comforting at every difficult turn.

I want to deeply thank my sponsor and Executive Manager Charity Tchida, and her sponsor, Shawna Bellomy, who have spent countless hours listening to, encouraging, and inspiring me! I am so excited for everything that God has planned for me, my family, and now my team because of these amazing, life-changing products and this awesome company!