Melissa Yoder

Melissa Yoder

Senior Executive Manager

Buda, TX

Joined 12/2015

I am overflowing with gratitude as I write this. This promotion to Senior Executive Manager in 4.5 short years feels surreal. I want to share this feeling of deep, sincere gratitude with every single person I come into contact with. Thank you Linda! Thank you Brian! Thank you Lynn, Lin, Laurie, home office, my team, my family, my coaches, my friends and thank you to the people I haven’t even met yet!

My life has completely changed: mind, body, and soul, all because of a $99 starter kit and the opportunity to share that with other moms like me. Other moms who want to stay home with their children AND achieve financial freedom. With L’BRI, having the best of both worlds is possible! I haven’t had a home party in almost a year and a half, and our team has grown 500%. Ryan and I said we would buy a Tesla when I reached Elite Executive Manager, and I was promoted on my 30th birthday! We got the Tesla! Dreams come true with L’BRI! Even L’BRO dreams! This company has changed my skin, my mindset, my marriage, and my future. And I look forward to many, many happy years with L’BRI. THANK YOU!