Melissa Tront

Melissa Tront

Executive Manager

White Pigeon, MI

Joined 8/2020

I live in a small rural community of White Pigeon, Michigan. By day I’m a data geek and work as a database administrator for public schools. By night I’m a skin care super hero sharing L’BRI. 

I turned 51 this year and for at least the last 10 years I had been looking for skin care that actually worked. When I got invited to my first L’BRI party in Aug I wasn’t expecting much. But I was blown away and I signed up so I could tell as many people as possible about these products. I never expected I would have a team but I went from 2 to 26 in the last month. 

Now I  not only get to help people learn about L’BRI  and heal their skin but help so many people learn how to share these products and earn the extra money to change their lives. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next six months bring because the first six have been life-changing in so many ways.