Mary Saunders

Mary Saunders

Executive Manager

Oswego, IL

Joined 10/2010

In 2010 I was offered the amazing gift of LBRI!

Like most, I became a Consultant because I loved the product and I was looking for some additional income, as we had run into a financial situation for our family. It was either find a ‘job’ or give LBRI a try!

While scanning the marketing plan, becoming an Executive Manager seemed impossible and so far out of reach for me. That was before I started thinking positively, making dream boards and really truly believing in myself.

Let’s just sum it up and say the road I have been on for the last few years has been a bumpy one! Good and bad times. Happy and sad times.

But when I came to the crossroads, it was crystal clear on what I wanted for our team! I would like to thank the following:

My fabulous team! You rock!

My amazing kids: Jared, Arin and Emma

My supportive husband, Brad. I love you!

Dianne Klopp: If you had not asked me the question that day on what would I do with an extra $400-$800, I would not be where I am today.

Gina LaGalbo: Thank you for all your fantastic leadership.

Beth Thierfelder: Six years ago you offered to help me out with a launch show, so I could attend a funeral of my friend’s son. We have been BFFs since!

Roxy, my black lab, who helped me get thru some lonely days and nights.

And God, although I didn’t know at the time, all the obstacles were placed in my road for a reason. I am truly blessed.

Thank you, Linda and Brian and the home office for all your support.