Mary McKay

Mary McKay

Executive Manager

Hawthorn Woods, IL

Joined 9/2017

Reaching Executive Manager level has been one of my goals since joining L’BRI. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it. But the truth is, I could not have done it without my amazing team! Watching them grow and working alongside them always motivates me to reach for more and dream bigger. I absolutely love working with each and every one of them!

L’BRI is such a special family of friendship and sisterhood. Yes, it is work, but it is so rewarding knowing that you are helping so many people to feel literally feel better in their own skin. This business is so much more than I ever dreamed of. I feel like I am in the business of transforming lives, which is exactly what I love to do.

Thank you to everyone at L’BRI, my amazing Executive Manager Gina LaGalbo, and my fantastic team! May we all continue to have the courage to grow and support one another in achieving our dreams!