Mandie Menzer

Mandie Menzer

Senior Executive Manager

Brillion, WI

Joined 1/2017

It is difficult to talk about what the L’BRI opportunity has done for me without being brought to tears.  So many dreams that seemed out of reach for our family became a reality way faster than I ever imagined.

There are days I feel like I need to pinch myself when I look out our window at my vehicle that L’BRI pays for.  I glance up at vacation photos on our wall of me and my husband traveling together and think of the memories we never would have had without L’BRI. Best of all, I am now home with my three sons soaking in every sweet moment, rather than working full time.  

I feel so proud to represent a company that I can share with a passion and a clear conscience.  I truly believe that everything about L’BRI is the best!