Lori Stone

Lori Stone

Senior Executive Manager

Poynette, WI

Joined 5/2004

My promotion to Senior Executive Manager happened because of the lessons I learned through L’BRI:

Dream Bigger;

Set New Goals;

Have a Vision;

Treat it like a Business;

Done is Better than Perfect; and

If You Truly Believe, You Will Achieve.

A favorite part of being a leader for me is looking for greatness in others. I believe in them and enjoy helping them on their journey. That then becomes a part of my journey. I feel so lucky to be on this journey will these wonderful people!

I am filled with GRATITUDE, for the passions I have found in my L’BRI business, the Forever Friendships I have made and the many options it gives me in my life. My heart is full!

THANK YOU to the entire L’BRI family, my awesome team the Dream Believers, Janeen Reid and the Platinum Performers, Jean Uhlmann and the Uhl-timate Believers, our Elite Executive Maria Burgos and a big thank you to Linda and Brian. A special shout out goes to the love of my life – Dan.

I love where this journey has brought me and I am excited where it will take us. It just gets better and better.