Lori Martin

Lori Martin

Executive Manager

Henrietta, NY

Joined 8/2020

I joined L’BRI when my 20-year career with another direct sales company as I knew it came to an abrupt end.  I had put my heart and soul into this other company, so the unexpected announcement crushed me.

I never thought that I would begin to build with another direct sales business, much less be selling skin care and makeup products.  I was certain I needed a consumable product market to continue the success I was accustomed to, but had never had much interest into this market previously. Thank goodness my mentor and friend Janet Smith found L’BRI and introduced us all to this hidden gem of a company.

L’BRI is simply unbelievable!  From the entire home office staff, to the programs, products……OMG!  I would have never imagined that I could find the passion and/or success that I have in my first 27 days with this company.  I have been feverishly trying to soak up every bit of information that I can about the products and programs so I can apply them to my business practices and also teach my team so they too can find their desired level of success.

I have such an intense feeling of gratitude for this company.  They have provided me with a well oiled machine…..one that my team and I can utilize to it’s fullest potential to create the income we desire.  In closing, thank you Linda and Brian, for creating L’BRI. I wish I had found it sooner.