Lori Benz

Lori Benz

Executive Manager

Green Bay, WI

Joined 7/2015

When I first started with L’BRI back in July of 2015 I remember hearing about Consultants promoting and thought, “That will never be me.”

L’BRI always taught us to dream so big that it scares you, but I didn’t because I never believed my dreams would come true. After my first L’BRI convention and hearing other Consultants’ success stories I decided to start a dream board. Fast forward to May of 2020. I promoted to Manager with my next DREAM on my journey was to be Executive Manager. This dream was so big it SCARED ME.

Fast forward to December of 2022, I earned not only my very first L’BRI trip to Cap Cana in March but also promoted to Executive Manager! It still doesn’t seem real. If you would have told me back in July of 2015 that I would one day earn a L’BRI trip and become an Executive Manager, I would not have believed you. Because of L’BRI I am not afraid to dream big anymore…so the next DREAM on my journey… Senior Executive Manager.

I’m forever grateful for my mentors, my amazing team, my family, and my customers for all the support they have given me on this journey.

I want to leave you with this…. WHY NOT YOU?