Liz Kaczmarek

Liz Kaczmarek

Executive Manager

Clinton Twp, MI

Joined 8/2020

Within the seven months of creating a self-care business with L’BRI, my mental well-being has dramatically improved. Everything in my life finally feels in alignment. 

The joy this company brings to all the teammates, hosts, and fans I’ve been able to share it with, is overflowing. I am truly grateful to help them feel and see the difference these products make on their skin and how this community enhances their lives. 

The dream I have for what my L’BRI business can do for myself and my family is to get a new car with the monthly car bonus so I can pass down my current vehicle to my son when he starts driving. Cause this girl is getting herself something brand NEW! I want to be able to financially support our son’s college career without loans, continue to earn a trip for my husband and me every year and help others go on their first L’BRI trip in 2022! 

Thank you L’BRI for all you have put in place for us to spread self-care and create our dream lifestyle!