Lisa Nolan

Lisa Nolan

Executive Manager

Saint Joseph, MN

Joined 8/2011

My journey with L’BRI has been incredible and I am forever grateful for this opportunity to be an Executive Manager! When L’BRI came into my life 8 years ago I could have never imagined how much my life and the lives of others would change. My business has empowered me to improve myself and help others along the way. One of the most important things I have learned on this journey is to never give up on yourself no matter how hard things might get. Always stay focused and if you make a mistake learn from it! Anything is possible with consistency, hard work, dedication and knowing what you’re working for!  

One of my dreams and goals coming into L’BRI was to build a successful business that would change my family’s life, and I am doing just that!  There is nothing better than knowing L’BRI has given your family more options and choices of travel and making lasting memories. 

The most rewarding part about L’BRI is knowing I am a helping others, making lasting friendships with the beautiful women on my team and inspiring others to dream and set goals. There truly is nothing more uplifting!

I would like to thank the Golden STARS Team! It’s because of your support and teamwork that I have been able to reach this personal goal and I am forever grateful! A special thank you goes out to Laurie Atwater for always keeping me dreaming and believing in myself.  You are such an inspiration to us all and I would not be here without your support and friendship.