Linda Alfonso

Linda Alfonso

Executive Manager

Pittsfield, MA

Joined 8/2017

On August 16, 2021, I will celebrate four years with L’BRI.  From day one it has been an amazing journey.  This is truly a family affair.  Women encouraging and uplifting one another, sharing in our successes all along the way.  Thank you Lynda Alexander for your love, friendship, encouragement and belief in me and my team. Thank you Team Soul Sisters…without you there is no team. I couldn’t have done it without you. WE DID IT! We put New England on the L’BRI map.  I am so very proud of each of you.

Thank you also to my hostesses and clients I truly value your support and friendship.

Lastly, thank you Brian and Linda Kaminski for fostering a family-like atmosphere.  One of encouragement, education, purpose and vision.  Thank you for all you do to set us up for success.  I am so excited and thrilled and thankful to be on this wonderful L’BRI journey. What an honor!