Laura Klingelhoets

Laura Klingelhoets

Executive Manager

Cedar Grove, WI

Joined 2/2013

My journey with L’BRI began in February 2013.  After attending a health fair and then going to my daughter’s party in February I called Jodi Keller and told her I thought I could do this!  I enjoyed the products and told everyone about them. I had also just become an empty nester so I was feeling a little displaced. I was used to continuously running to sporting events, school functions, concerts, plays and I no longer had that “social setting”. 

I started off with a bang and loved every minute! I met amazing people that have since become very close friends. I set my goal to become an Executive Manager right away. However, it has taken me a little longer than I had hoped. I own another business and I put in 50/60 hours a week there. Until recently, I sat on State boards and other boards around our area.  I constantly was going to meetings!  But, I always find time to share L’BRI.  I love these products and truly do want to share them with others. 

More importantly, I get VERY excited when I can show another person how L’BRI can change their life – either their skin or through the income opportunity.

I feel truly blessed to be part of this company.  Thank you Linda and Brian for your vision, thank you to all my mentors and most importantly – THANK YOU to my team.  You are the true rock stars, not me!  There is no “I” in team.