Laura Hoban

Laura Hoban

Executive Manager

Kiel, WI

Joined 1/2019

I used L’BRI for five years before I got the courage to become a Consultant. I joined 16 months ago so I could provide the best products for my three young daughters. Through Char Grover’s guidance and support I had a very successful start and quickly realized I could start dreaming of taking my family on a vacation. I was so proud to walk on the Florida beaches with my daughters and husband this past January. My husband and I loved quality time together and had fun with the L’BRI family in Jamaica.  

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Keep a positive attitude and try everything. Be hopeful and have faith.  Be brave and take one step at a time. Anything really is possible if you dare to dream, believe, and work to achieve.  I am so honored to lead the Courageous Tribe and work with the kind, caring, positive, and supportive women on my team. I hope to inspire them to believe in their dreams and know that anything is possible! I will be forever grateful to Linda and Brian for following their dreams and sharing it with us, to Char Grover for her support on this journey, for my team for believing in me like I believe in them, and for my husband and daughters’ love and support.