Kezia Lee Wills

Kezia Lee Wills

Executive Manager

Oroville, WA

Joined 6/2010

It has been said that “THE SECRET OF YOUR FUTURE IS HIDDEN IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.”  I can say that with L’BRI,  I find this incredibly true. I have been able to pick up and put down the business as my personal life has evolved, but I always came back to those small predictable steps to keep moving forward. 

 If you had told me 10 years ago that  I would be an Executive Manager  working my business part-time, most often times—– in my pajamas, I would have fallen off my chair.

 Here we are though — with a amazing product, supportive home office, faithful and fearless leaders, inquisitive Consultants  and owners who had a vision of family.  I am deeply touched and forever grateful to represent and look forward to developing my skills to lead each person I come across to achieve the success they desire. 

A little progress each day adds up to big results,  so give light and people will find the way.