Kelly Skladanek

Kelly Skladanek

Executive Manager

West Bend, WI

Joined 2/2019

I had been searching for a way out of my dental hygiene career for years. I read books on how to start my own business and racked my brain thinking about the perfect fit, yet nothing gave me the passion I knew I would need to be successful. So here I am, a year and a half with L’BRI, no longer working as a hygienist! Instead, I’m an Executive Manager with a company that makes me feel important and valued. I work my own hours, don’t need to put in a request for time off and run my business how I see fit.  

The generosity that Linda and Brian shower upon us is like nothing I’ve experienced before with any other “job.” I used to have to work a year to get the type of bonuses that I make in one month with L’BRI. They don’t cut corners or spare any expense when it comes to providing us with new technology, incredible products and unending resources to launch our business into a successful empire.  

This is “IT” for me because I have passion and purpose. I’m helping people of all ages gain confidence and use safe products. I’m encouraging and coaching women to take a leap of faith and trust in themselves to build financial freedom. I’m so grateful that God led me down this path to L’BRI because I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time.