Kelli Nash

Kelli Nash

Executive Manager

Jefferson, OR

Joined 8/2020

My journey with L’BRI started in August 2020; mid pandemic and an unprecedented year for everyone.  Both my business and my husband’s business were forced to close for several months, putting a financial burden on our family. L’BRI was shared with me at the perfect time. They say, when one door closes, another door opens. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that behind that other door was L’BRI .

Before L’BRI , I was a bar soap girl. When I started using L’BRI , my skin looked and felt younger and my rosacea cleared. I gained the confidence I needed to leave the house without make up on.

The leadership program offered by L’BRI is an opportunity within itself. I couldn’t help but set big dreams and goals. And the best part is feeling like I was supported and empowered to succeed. In life, I never turn down a challenge to learn, grow, and support others. I get to do all of that while earning an income and getting the opportunity to travel.

Brian and Linda have created a culture, company, and product that I can share with confidence.

L’BRI has given me the opportunity to not only help others in their own skin, but to  also grow personally and professionally, alongside gaining financial freedom.

I’m inspired and excited to continue my L’BRI journey building the Pure Empire. I have deep appreciation to my team for trusting me and coming together to make a difference in people’s lives.