Kathy Lehman

Kathy Lehman

Executive Manager

Shermans Dale, PA

Joined 2/2020

I live in a quiet, country neighborhood in south central Pennsylvania with my husband, our son, and two cats. I love spending time with my family and being outdoors. I have a love for gardening, nature and travel.

I’ve been in direct sales for over 20 years, and I love being able to help others. When I found L’BRI I just loved how effective the products were, and I got excited to share them with everyone. I wasn’t sure about doing skin care, but I needed the money and I knew the products were wonderful. The company makes it easy by providing you with all the tools and support you need, and it didn’t take me long to see that I could start believing in my dreams again!

I love making a real difference for others, and I’m looking forward to helping my team grow and achieving their dreams, too.

My big dream is to buy a house with a sunroom, and take care of my husband as we get older. I’d love to travel to new places, have the financial freedom to help others, and enjoy all the blessings.