Kari Logterman

Kari Logterman

Executive Manager

Baldwin, WI

Joined 4/2013

“Grateful” comes to mind when thinking about my L’BRI journey. I am grateful for Linda and Brian believing in each of us and giving us this gift. I am grateful for my leaders; Executive Managers Lisa Taylor and Samantha Anderson, who have been my cheerleaders right from the start! I am grateful for each member of my team. I would not have reached this goal without each of you. It gives me such joy to watch my team grow personally and professionally with L’BRI. I am surrounded by amazing women!

This journey has been more than I ever imagined my “small” part-time job would be. It began by simply attending Executive Manager Lisa Taylor’s kick off show! Of course I fell in love with the products, but it took a couple of years before I accepted the gift of the L’BRI opportunity.

My dream was to stay home part time with our young children. I love teaching, but our family comes first and we needed that teaching income. With a huge leap of faith and the support of my loving husband, I jumped into L’BRI and found myself “teaching” in a whole new way! All the while I was having fun and making the income we needed. L’BRI fulfilled my dream and encouraged me to keep dreaming! The possibilities are endless!

Consistently working your business is the key! There will always be ups and downs, but when you focus on your goals, you will persevere. L’BRI gives us all the tools we need to succeed including a VERY supportive community of Consultants. I will forever be grateful for this amazing company and opportunity.