Judi Daggett

Judi Daggett

Executive Manager

Madison, WI

Joined 1/2017

Thank you Linda and Brian Kaminski, as well as L’BRI, for this new amazing chapter in my life! I joined L’BRI in January 2017, after leaving a 35-year teaching career and it has been, a very positive life changing journey. This past year has been very challenging for me personally, as my mom is in her advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. What L’BRI has given me along with all of the opportunities, is time. Precious time with my mom, is truly a beautiful gift from L’BRI! I can work my business and be available to my loved ones when needed.

My fearless leaders Jean Uhlmann and Lori Stone, have supported me every step of the way and I couldn’t have done it without them. My family, my L’BRI family, my customers, and my amazing Uhltimate Team, reminds me daily of the many blessings I have been given! One word, that I remind myself of on a daily basis and that is to “believe”. Believe in yourself and your potential to succeed. Believe in L’BRI’s incredible products and company. Believe that you can be an instrumental part, of someone else’s positive life changing journey.