Jody DeMuth

Jody DeMuth

Executive Manager

Deerfield, WI

Joined 5/2020

When I became a consultant with L’BRI two years ago, I had no idea what joy and fulfillment awaited me. Being a focused, goal-driven, busy mom and wife, I never thought I would work a “side-gig”.  I was soon to realize that L’BRI is more than a “side-gig”!

Life often does not go as you plan and can lead you down challenging roads.  Having a vision and always positive thoughts saved my peace and sanity.  Little did I realize for months that L’BRI would help to clarify that vision for myself and my family. It’s more than just sharing these amazing products. With every new goal I set, it created new joy, new friendships and new visions.  Something that I didn’t even realize was missing and needed.  Friends, remember to fill you buckets!

Special thank you to Sally Walmer for being REAL, answering my million questions, pushing me and celebrating with me.  To Lori Stone for sharing her story and believing in me, always.  To Linda and Brian for their incredible vision of a company that could fulfill so many lives in every aspect.  To my team, who is the most exciting and caring group – Thank you for all you do, all you push me to do and all you let me be for you.

 Excited and proud to introduce one of L’BRI’s newest Executive Teams, Team GOALden Vision!!