Jodi Keller

Jodi Keller

Elite Executive Manager

Fredonia, WI

Joined 3/2005

I was introduced to L’BRI products in 2005 and they were the first products that finally moisturized and helped heal my super-dry, sensitive skin! I became a Consultant immediately because I couldn’t wait to share these incredible products with others. It took me 7 years though before I discovered the income opportunity. I could now help people provide extras for their family, pay off that nagging bill, go on a vacation and save for retirement, all while having beautiful skin!!  

It’s been an honor to achieve the title of Elite Executive Manager for our Day Dreamers Tribe! I am so proud of the leaders within our Tribe and how they lead their teams and have grown their business consistently over the years. It has been so wonderful to work alongside this powerful group of positive, like-minded women, who strive to help others! This promotion wouldn’t have happened without them and all the ladies on our Tribe who contributed by helping others with their skin. God has perfect timing and brings people into our lives at the right time and as I reflect back on the last 8 years of growing my business, I can see that so clearly.

Thank you Linda and Brian for creating incredible products and an income opportunity that is unlike any other! It has been a tremendous blessing to our family and has provided stability, time freedom, financial freedom, more opportunities and friendships I will always cherish. I can’t imagine my life without L’BRI.