Jo Ruth Hancock

Jo Ruth Hancock

Executive Manager

Tyler, TX

Joined 9/2017

L’BRI is truly a blessing in my life.  Exactly one year ago, the company in which I had been a leader for 23 years shut its doors.  By divine intervention, God led me to the right people who introduced me to L’BRI. I joined on September 14, 2017, without even using one product. However, when I met Linda and Brian, I could tell the integrity they possessed and the integrity of the company.  Learning the history of how this company came into existence and knowing that this was a solid, debt-free company, helped me realize God had led me to Wisconsin for a reason.  I also am so fortunate to have the upline leadership I do.  Melinda Crawford and Lynda Alexander have both held my hand along the way.  I worked hard with my team this past year to promote to Executive Manager, and because of my amazing team working together, our efforts paid off.  But our journey has only begun.  Great things are still in store for us, and we are so excited about our next chapter with L’BRI!

I have to add…L’BRI has some awesome incentive trips!  After only being with L’BRI 3 months I found myself the earner of an all-expense-paid trip to Costa Rica traveling with an awesome management team and the co-founders of the company. Where else would that happen?  I’m so thankful for L’BRI and so very thankful Linda and Brian had this business for us to find!