Jessi Aberle

Jessi Aberle

Executive Manager

Waseca, MN

Joined 8/2017

I began using L’BRI after two sweet friends suggested I try some samples for my incredibly sensitive, allergy-prone skin. I loved the natural, aloe vera and I was eliminating toxins and chemicals following my MS diagnosis. Fast forward and my entire family had switched all of our products to L’BRI. I joined for the discount thinking I might share with friends and family during the summer when sales were slower with another direct sales company I had worked as a full-time career for 20 years.

Fast forward and things started to fall apart with the other company. Stress had me physically ill for months. I had been invited to a health and wellness expo to share why I loved L’BRI products. I felt like God was literally hitting me over the head and screaming – YOU’VE GOT L’BRI! After prayer and tears I decided to share the blessings of L’BRI. I was instantly amazed at the reception. People wanted to sample, have spa parties, and join my team. I fully embraced the opportunity God shown me and resigned from my other position. Our little team is exploding and my joy is returning. I am so very grateful to Peggy Hammen-Schuller, Den Na Lee Fewson and my sweet friend and now teammate Kathy Lehman for introducing me to these life-changing products and cheering me on. I know this is just the beginning with this amazing company. I am truly abundantly blessed.