Jess Gibson

Jess Gibson

Executive Manager

Ogdensburg, WI

Joined 5/2014

What a journey the past five years with L’BRI have been! When my friend invited me to come try L’BRI facial products and investigate the income opportunity, I put her off for three months! I was too busy working three jobs trying to make ends meet. Once I finally met with her I was blown away by the quality of ingredients and inspired by an opportunity that could earn income while I was “clocked out”. I became a Consultant two days later!

Now my skin is healthy and glowing and I was able to quite my other two jobs! We no longer worry about having enough money to pay the bills….we are dreaming MUCH bigger now!

I am forever grateful to my friend, sponsor and co-leader Jackie Curtis for persisting in your belief in me, to Amber Juslen for training me when I was new, to Maria Burgos and Laurie Atwater for cheering me on when my spirits were low, and to Linda and Brian for your integrity in creating this amazing company and for caring so intensely about each of us. A HUGE thank you to my team for encouraging me to go for Executive, and inspiring me with your courage as you each pursue your dreams. This sisterhood of Consultants is the BEST!”