Jess Anderson

Jess Anderson

Executive Manager

Saint Joseph, MI

Joined 2/2021

I was one of those people. My friend shared samples with me in October and I forgot about them until my 52nd birthday in February 2021. I went out to a restaurant with makeup on for the first time in a year. When I returned home, I realized I had nothing to remove the spackle I’d used to cover my aging skin.

On my 52nd birthday, I finally learned HOW TO WASH MY FACE.

I bought a starter kit two days later hoping to keep it all to myself. I co-own two international businesses and I had no interest in selling. But after using the products, I knew L’BRI was magically life-changing. I had to share.

People around me noticed the changes, including my elderly relatives. With L’BRI, they also transformed. I cried for two weeks straight from the sheer joy and hope I saw in myself and my loved ones. With a lifetime of experiences between us, we all agreed L’BRI was a special new spark in our lives. It didn’t take long for our team to form and grow as we shared our discovery with more and more people.

Every day I find new reasons why I love L’BRI so much. I’m mom to three adult sons and a 6-year-old, home-schooled daughter. Chronic illness, aging, and the pandemic have been hard. I survived two bouts of COVID, pulmonary embolisms, and lupus. I was tired, depressed, and exhausted.

L’BRI became my one shining beacon of hope in a sea of depression and chaos. I’m extremely thankful for L’BRI and that sample set. It feels good to look at my face in the mirror again. My amazing team of wise, caring and outrageous souls is ready to take on anything the universe sends their way. We are unstoppable – I can’t wait to see how far we can go!

Future plans? To go with the flow, enjoy the ride, and support my companions on this journey. It’s worked so far!