Jennifer Piala

Jennifer Piala

Executive Manager

Janesville, WI

Joined 6/2003

WOW! What a journey! I want to thank Brian, Linda and the exceptional crew at the home office for all their help and support. They are nothing short of amazing! And to Kathy Roen for her support, encouragement, optimism and, most of all, her friendship. I cannot forget my loving team…these ladies have shown me such a deep relationship and itʼs been a blast to grow with them this far!

I cannot take credit for my success in my business this far, as I owe it all to the Lord. If anyone knows my story, my path to Executive Manager has not always been straight and narrow. I took time off for nursing school, pursuing a call placed on my heart. I have much going on in my life, with two busy boys, being a wife and an active member in my church. I am not ever bored.

No matter what life brings you, no matter what your circumstances, the only way you can ever fail in your LʼBRI business is to give up. No matter what, you must not ever give up! It may take you off the straight path, but even if the road gets winding, as long as you stay on it, you will be a success! Reach for it! Save a Face! Change a Life!