Jennifer Ozman

Jennifer Ozman

Executive Manager

Palmyra, VA

Joined 8/2020

I am married to my amazing, supportive husband, Tim (who encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try L’BRI), am a mom to 6 grown kids, an 8-year-old bonus daughter, and am a grandma.

I left the Human Resources corporate world for a full-time gig with a company I had been with for 18 years. When their business model changed in the middle of a global pandemic, I considered returning to the corporate world and almost gave up on direct sales completely. Thankfully, L’BRI came in to my life.  I am so happy I said, “YES!”

If someone had said I would be starting a new direct sales business and teaching people how to care for their skin…I would have said “NO WAY.” At 52, learning a new job and building a new team was not the plan. Well, my new motto is: Never say “Never!”

As I share our products, our wonderful host program and business opportunity, I realize what a hidden gem L’BRI is. Promoting up 4 levels in 8 months and earning the Founders’ Club Trip is just the byproduct of sharing my love of L’BRI.

To my amazing rockstar Team Glo-Getter, I am so blessed and grateful to have you on this journey with me. I am cheering you all on as we grow and reach our goals. So proud of all of you! 

If you are wondering if you should set your sights on leadership and reach for your dreams…GO FOR IT! If I can…YOU can! Thank you L’BRI for giving me the chance to DREAM again.