Jennifer Kasper

Jennifer Kasper

Executive Manager

Plainwell, MI

Joined 2/2021

It’s been a wild whirlwind of a ride! I couldn’t have done it without an amazing team lifting me up, great leadership, supportive friends/family and awesome customers! It’s time to continue the journey and let the good times roll!  When I first joined L’BRI I wanted the discount and then quickly realized the business opportunity is unlike any other. The rewards for being a consultant outweighed the risk on so many levels!

I am thankful for L’BRI in more ways than one. Honestly it’s more than a promotion.  I am grateful for where I started and the courage it took to put myself out there by facing fears. I had been struggling with grief and L’BRI has been my sunshine on gloomy days. I succeeded the day I took a chance on myself and honestly that’s the most rewarding thing. My self confidence has grown.  I love my skin. I love that I’m helping others. I love the positive and uplifting vibes from all those in the L’BRI family and I can’t wait to see where the future takes me.