Jean Uhlmann

Jean Uhlmann

Executive Manager

Greer, SC

Joined 4/2014

(L)oving all 6 steps of my (L) journey

Once upon a time, there was a (1) L’BRI consultant named (2) Linda Bishop. She dreamed of figure skating to music from The Impossible Dream. Enter skating coach me. With patches of dry skin on my face, Linda enlightened me to L’BRI, I taught her to skate and choreographed her dream skate. A couple of years later, while contemplating my next career move, (3) Lori Stone and Linda invited me to join (4) Linda Kaminski’s amazing company. The first to join my team was my dear friend (5) Lee Ann Calzavara, my business grew slowly…a “stroll” as Linda K would say.

But after our 2016 convention where I attended (6) Laurie Atwater’s breakout session I had a game changer in my business and in my life. I realized I didn’t have to become a peacock to succeed. My business would flourish if I was my best owl.

In the seven months that followed, I promoted to Manager and Executive Manager. I’m still pinching myself, is it real? Thank you, Linda, Lori, Linda and Brian, Lee Ann and Laurie. Thank you to the staff at L’BRI. Thank you to my family, my customers and my team, the Uhltimate Believers.

Chase your dreams, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey.