Jackie Curtis

Jackie Curtis

Senior Executive Manager

Omro, WI

Joined 1/2014

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only 5 years since this ”unlikely skin care consultant,” went from farm to facials. Those who know me understand, and it’s all still worth a thousand giggles, but there was nothing funny about how the decision to step into L’BRI changed my life and the woman I am becoming.

One of the most beautiful things to me about this promotion is that more than ever it reinforces the truth that this business is truly about helping others.  (Even Jesus gathered 12 around him to begin the work of the Kingdom here on earth)

In my case, getting here took more than the 12, and more than the 2 execs I promoted, although I could not be more PROUD of Jess Gibson and Sophie Simms for their hard work and commitment to their dreams!

This girl’s dream is coming true because of ALL the beautiful souls who have generously come along side me to support and believe. I don’t want to leave anyone out because this really is about a whole village, not only a few people. But at its core, this all became possible because my loving husband, my hero, dared to change his mind and become my biggest supporter. I want to send some VERY special love to two very special ladies who have inspired me so much and that is Jess Gibson, my friend and co-leader, she makes this so much fun and pretty awesome too!  And Laurie Atwater for reaching across teams and partnering with us with her fabulous strength and wisdom.

Always remember, “Your dreams are possible.”