Ginger Clark

Ginger Clark

Executive Manager

Indio, CA

Joined 1/2010

I was introduced to L’BRI in 2009 as a first time hostess, but I wasn’t really expecting anything to help my acne-prone skin. Boy, was I wrong! My skin healed and the acne went away, the scars and pits were smooth and my rosacea was gone! When it came time to reorder, I decided to join as a Consultant – but I was NEVER planning to do shows and work the business. Then, during National Convention in 2014, L’BRI “got into me” as they say. I decided then and there that I wanted more.

Fast forward and here I am, Executive Manager! I never thought I could get to this level. I didn’t get here alone. I am so very thankful for my team, the support of my family and my leaders.

The personal growth I have experienced is unbelievable. I never thought I was capable of such growth. L’BRI is much more than a skin care company. It’s a family! The friendships I have gained and the encouragement along the way are truly a blessing.

There are no limits! I am so extremely grateful! This really is a beautiful way to live.