Gina Pille

Gina Pille

Executive Manager

Hillsdale, NJ

Joined 8/2020

I started in direct sales when my children were 3 and 3 weeks old with a determination to make it a career so I could quit my corporate job! I was a woman on a mission. I quit that corporate job after my 6-month, unpaid maternity leave and I never looked back! Fast forward quite a bit – my “children” are 28 and 25 now and I came to L’BRI with more than 25 years’ experience in direct sales. Unfortunately, that company restructured from a direct sales company to an eCommerce company which took away all leadership opportunities and about 75% of my income potential. To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. I honestly wasn’t sure what my next move was but after attending an opportunity session about L’BRI, I knew very quickly! Having never heard of L’BRI or tried any of the products, I took a leap of faith that has paid off in big ways! My new “home” is with L’BRI and I couldn’t be happier!

I am completely in love with L’BRI – the products, the company, the people, and the programs for our hosts, consultants and leaders. I have my passion back and I am enthusiastic about my future with L’BRI. I am so excited to promote to Executive Manager of the “Heart & Soul” group. I am blessed to be on this new adventure with so many people I love and admire who also decided to join L’BRI. I am thankful for my team members, my previous hosts and customers as well as family and friends who have supported me.

I look forward to a beautiful journey and bright future with L’BRI.