Gina O'Sulivan

Gina O’Sullivan

Executive Manager

Edgefield, SC

Joined 10/2017

In October 2017 when I signed up to be a Consultant with L’BRI, I can honestly say I never dreamed I would be an Executive Manager. I thought this promotion was so out of reach for someone like myself. After attending last year’s Convention and then Leadership Insight in January I knew that I had all the necessary tools to reach my goals. The only thing I was missing was ME!! 

I believed in the company, all the wonderful products, but I did not believe in myself. L’BRI has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made it possible for me to see myself worth.  I’m so thankful for all the amazing people who have made this journey possible. To my Beautiful Dolls, Thank You for being Dedicated, Outstanding, Ladies that Love to Share L’BRI. I can’t wait to watch you all reach your goals. 

The best is yet to come!! 

Commit all your plans to the Lord and whatever you do you will succeed.