Erin Husnick

Erin Husnick

Executive Manager

Antigo, WI

Joined 2/2020

I just celebrated my one year anniversary with L’BRI on February 3. I took a chance on myself to do something for myself with no expectations of being successful. Through the amazing leadership and resources available, L’BRI has given me confidence and courage to set goals for myself. I feel very fortunate to have grown an amazing team of women who strive to make each other better and stronger every single day. We celebrate each other’s successes and encourage and support one another.

My love for L’BRI has created amazing friendships and experiences for me. I never would have imagined myself taking a trip to the Domican and now it is a reality. I am truly appreciative of my leadership, team, and customers for taking a chance on me with L’BRI. L’BRI is a name used daily in my house. My two daughters love to share with others that their mommy sells L’BRI and it brings me such joy to be a part of this company where the products truly sell themselves.