Dilles Kuehl

Dilles Kuehl

Executive Manager

Brookfield, WI

Joined 6/2016

I taught middle/high school for 35 years.  I retired in 2014 and here I am teaching again about skin care! In June 2016, I signed up for L’BRI to just get all the goodies the kit.  In April I really applied myself since we were confined with COVID.  I learned how to do successful virtual parties.  I made time for L’BRI and my business grew.  That month I became a Supervisor and four months later I achieved Manager.  Loving my journey the entire time!  I am driven, passionate, energetic and committed to my customers and Consultants.  I achieved Show Me the Money and then President’s Circle.  It took me two hours before I finally pushed the button to do my first live and now I can’t wait to do my next live!  It is such a positive environment and I thank Linda and Brian Kaminski for providing that to us.  I have never enjoyed a direct sales company as much as I have with L’BRI and I have done 5 of them in my life time! L’BRI has been my most successful one too!

In August my husband and I turned a bedroom into a beautiful L’BRI office and it’s my happy place!  My mantra is to be an Executive Manager and to earn the car!  All dreams are possible and the key is setting your goals and believing you can achieve them.  It’s all about mindset.  Thank you for having all the tools at our fingertips, amazing products and for the inspiration of Laurie Langill.  I am so happy I have L’BRI in my life!  See you on the beach in Cap Cana!