Cynthia Trent

Cynthia Trent

Executive Manager

Portland, OR

Joined 8/2020

What an honor to be able to grow in the L’BRI family. Thank you, Linda and Brian for having such a wonderful company for us to grow and help change the lives of others. I have always known that I am not someone that can work in an office from 9-5, so this opportunity fits perfectly for me and my full-time family life. What other job can you work your business while putting your family first? 

I chose L’BRI because we are given the opportunity to change the lives of others at all levels. Whether you are part of this company as a guest, host, or consultant…you will be better for it. This product gives people the ability to be the best version of themselves. I love how I feel when I can offer amazing products and programs to help enrich other’s lives AND seeing the difference in their confidence warms my heart! This gives me the confidence to keep offering all that L’BRI has. The support from the company is unending.

I look forward to helping others see the bigger picture in L’BRI and helping them achieve their own successes.