Crystal Gonzales-Miller

Crystal Gonzales-Miller

Executive Manager

Kincaid, IL

Joined 8/2020

I’m from rural Wisconsin and was introduced to L’BRI skin care at a home show almost 10 years ago. L’BRI is the only answer that I had needed for my sensitive skin from my preteen years. I faithfully used the products and watched my niece Amber Juslen succeed as a leader at L’BRI for many years now. I currently live in Illinois and work as a registered nurse. With 17 years of experience, I have a great career and income. I joined L’BRI as a Consultant for a side hobby and a way to spend girl time during the lockdown of Covid about 17 months ago. I started out slow but after 3 months I began working my business with purpose and being consistent. That has truly paid off.

I am grateful for the positive vibes and sharing amongst my fellow Consultants. This business is professional and kind. I’m thankful to Linda and Brian for giving us leaders and trainers who only promote positivity! Thank you to all my fellow Consultants for generously sharing our business tips and tricks. The way we build each other up is unmatched. Lauri Langill gives us what we need to hear. Be consistent, work the program, attend your training, and some days just quit. Don’t quit out loud. Quit in your head. Take a break from people, and reset. You will be ready to jump back in refreshed and ready to go.

Promoting to Manager, my goals have extended to being an amazing leader. I am learning from the best! Special thanks to Kelly Skladanek who is the Queen of Facebook parties who has helped myself and my team on multiple occasions. Maria Burgos and Amber Juslen for hosting amazing training boot camps that push us to practice what works but does not come naturally.

Thanks to Amber for believing in me and never giving up. You asked me to be a Consultant for year after year, and time after time. You definitely do not let the word “no” stop you! Thanks to my husband for supporting my hopes and dreams. I hope to support my daughter Sierra Gonzales, as she builds her future as a successful fellow Consultant. The sky is ours. GO TEAM!