Charity Tchida

Charity Tchida

Executive Manager

Lexington, KY

Joined 2/2018

“This is way more than skin care!” This saying was ringing throughout the Soaring Wings of Hope team’s social media for the past few months! 

When I started L’BRI two years ago I didn’t think my pain and grief would ever subside. I argued with God’s leading initially, but He saw far beyond and gave me the faith to say yes to L’BRI! 

As devastating changes hit the world this spring, a cloud came over social media, but I found myself seeking the positivity and light I had felt watching L’BRI Consultants enjoying life in Jamaica. As the L’BRI trip came to a close and the world shut down, I set my prayers and heart to stay focused on sharing the Light within me and creating a place where people could find it.

Linda and Brian hit the darkness with compassion and poured out love and opportunity. The love was contagious and grew like wildfire! Suddenly, one by one, people began to flood into the team Facebook page, Marco Polo and Zoom. Total strangers became friends and shared their lives with each other. Together we reflected on the love and compassion shown to us from God, each other and this great company.

Shining with positivity, all the other Consultants came home from their trip to face an unknown world with courage, strength, and determination. As we did, big things began to happen! God is building a community through L’BRI where hearts are healing, and lives are truly living beautiful! I am so incredibly grateful that this “iSpossible”!!