Char Grover

Char Grover

Executive Manager

Cedar Grove, WI

Joined 3/2013

It all began in 2013 when I decided to join L’BRI for the “discount”.  Then, when I saw the income potential and how much I could help people, I began to dream! One by one L’BRI has helped me achieve those dreams and dream bigger!

For me it started with a dream followed by prayer, positive affirmations and action. Feel good first, then take action! It’s knowing God has a plan for you. It’s being consistent and not quitting when you hear “no”.  There were times I wanted to, when my booking calendar was empty or I wasn’t selling or sponsoring fast enough, but I never gave up. I worked my business every day.  Consistency is key!

It’s all fueled by passion. Passion for the amazing products, passion for helping people with their skin and passion for changing lives with the business opportunity!  I wanted it more than anything and went for it! My life has been blessed with so many new friendships – in my customers and my team mates and all of my L’BRI sisters!

I’m so thankful to my upline, Jodi Keller for not being afraid to share the opportunity with me. For teaching me much and supporting me every step of the way! Thanks to Gina LaGalbo for her love, training and generous resources. To my Passion Tribe for their unending support – I love your passion and excitement and am so proud to be on this journey with you! You are all so amazing! Thank you for standing behind me, growing with me and loving me! Let’s not forget, “everything you want is on the other side of fear!” Thank you Linda and Brian for this unbelievable opportunity!!