Cayli Meyers

Cayli Meyers

Executive Manager

Grand Jct, CO

Joined 4/2019

Like many of us, my L’BRI journey began with falling in love with the products after one use. For almost two years, I took advantage of the discount and consultant perks until I was inspired by my wonderful mother, Susanne Meyers (my downline who I call my “boss”). I watched her easily inspire so many people, and earn two free trips to Jamaica along the way. I was then determined that we were going on the next Founder’s Club Trip together!

As a NICU nurse, my passion is helping people. Just a few months ago I began sharing L’BRI with my friends and family and have found so much joy in helping others not only find products they love, but feel more confident in their own skin. One of my original goals was to make a little extra money that I could put towards paying off student loans; I have surpassed that goal in a short amount of time, and I am so excited to strive for bigger goals I didn’t think would be possible. 

I am grateful for my team who supports and encourages one another on a daily basis. Working alongside my mom, grandma, sister-in-law, and all the amazing members of my growing team is the highlight of my business. I look forward to what’s to come and am eager to continue growing within this amazing company. I am so thankful for L’BRI!