Brenda Landis

Brenda Landis

Executive Manager

West Liberty, OH

Joined 5/2020

I am from West Liberty, Ohio. I have been married to Keith for almost 31 years and am Mom to three young adults Amber, Sarah and Andrew. On May 10th I will celebrate my two-year L’BRIversary and I am so grateful to be on this journey with all of you.

March was a crazy month for me! All three of my kids moved from living together in one apartment to living in three separate apartments in different places, but thankfully still within an hour of us. My 30-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident so I spent a day traveling out of state with my parents to the funeral on one of the only weekends I wasn’t moving any of my kids.

My full-time job at a financial advisors office is always EXTRA busy during tax season. Oh, and on the first of March I misplaced all three of my kids W-2s that I was going to send to the accountant and felt like the biggest failure of a Mom. Any one of those things could have made me give up on my dream to promote to Executive Manager in March.

Instead, I chose to 1) Dream BIG, 2) Set Goals, 3) Take action daily and 4) Adjust goals as necessary.

Don’t let distractions derail you from YOUR dreams! Cheering you on! Hugs!